7 Creative Ways to Decorate your Home with Flowers

Flowers are nature's beauty and they can truly enhance the look and feel of your living space. Here are 6 unique flower decoration ideas!

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Flowers are nature's beauty and they can truly enhance the look and feel of your living space. However, displaying flowers in your home does not have to be plain or boring. There are numerous artistic and imaginative ways you can creatively decorate different areas of your house using flowers. Here are 6 unique flower decoration ideas!

1.Floating Flower Centerpieces

One cool method is creating floating flower centerpieces for your dining table or coffee table. All you need are glass vote bowls or shallow glass trays and some small rocks, pebbles, or marbles. Add the stones to fill up about half of the bowl/tray/planter box and then arrange different types of blooms spaced out on top of the rocks. The flowers will seem like they are floating on water. You can play around with color schemes and types of blossoms for fun floating arrangements.

2.Floral Picture Frames

Reframe your favorite family photos by bordering frames with flowers from a local Geneva florist. Cut symmetrical strips or diamond-shaped patterns out of construction paper in matching or contrasting hues to the blooms. Glue blooms and greenery along the paper shapes and adhere it edgewise around photo frames for an adorned look. You can also make floral rubbings by pressing flowers between sheets of wax paper and the medium of your choice. Display your floral rubbings as art.

3.Hanging flower pots

You can hang flower pots from ceilings, staircases, doors, and beams. Choose different-sized hanging planters and fill them with your favorite flowers. Make sure to use flowers that will withstand occasional watering from above. Some good choices include petunias, ivy, and trailing flowering vines. You can group several pots together for a dramatic display. Or space single pots throughout for a scattered look but make sure you don’t use large planter pots. Hooks or chains make hanging pots a breeze to set up.

4.Hanging Flower Garlands

You will be amazed at how flower garlands can enhance the look of your walls, doors, windows, or staircases. Take long strands of jute string, fishing line, or thin twine and start stringing multi-colored blooms together in no particular order. Bunched bouquets of various small flowers strung together to create a pretty festoon. Hang your DIY flower garlands with small brass tacks or adhesive hooks for an artistic wall decoration.

5.Floral Wallpaper Accents

Spice up plain walls by adhering to bouquets at focal points. Cut wallpaper samples shaped like banners, flags, or triangles ranging from 4 to 12 inches. Bunch and hot glue silk, paper, or dried real flowers from a local Elgin flower shop onto the wallpaper pieces and secure it in eye-catching areas on your walls with double-sided tape. Cluster-related floral motifs to make artistic statement walls. Change up designs seasonally by rearranging your paper blooms.

6.Table Centerpiece Alternatives

Move beyond conventional potted arrangements by cultivating tabletop gardens. Fill terra cotta home decor flower pots with soil and plant seeds of fast-sprouting flowers like cosmos, marigolds, or zinnias. Place mini gardens around your dining area and watch them grow into cheery centerpieces. Other ideas are floating candles in glass jars of water and blooms, or tiered platters displaying edible flowers, foliage, and fresh herbs.

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