Seasonal Flower Guide: Fall Blooms for Thanksgiving

The crisp autumn air and changing leaves mean thanksgiving is right around the corner. We'll also share tips on how to make your autumn flower arrangements really shine.

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The crisp autumn air and changing leaves mean Thanksgiving is right around the corner. As you prepare your home for the big feast, don't forget to add some beautiful fall bouquet flowers to set the mood for the holiday. The right flowers for Thanksgiving can really take your holiday decor to the next level.

In this seasonal flower guide, we'll cover some of the best happy Thanksgiving flowers to brighten up your Thanksgiving table or entryway. We'll also share tips on how to make your autumn flower arrangements really shine.

Gorgeous Fall Blooms

Many people think of spring as the main flower season. But there are so many gorgeous options for fall blooming flowers! With the right selection, your flower arrangements can capture the rich colors and cozy feel of autumn.

Some top picks for Thanksgiving flower arrangements include:


These classic fall flowers come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Mums are one of the hardiest choices for autumn bouquets.


Large, vibrant dahlias make a statement in any Thanksgiving centerpiece. Look for peach, burgundy, orange, and bronze varieties.


While associated with summer, sunflowers are also available in the fall. Try mini varieties for floral arrangements.


Red, orange, and yellow roses evoke the fall palette. Group them together for a bold, colorful bouquet.


Available in a variety of fall colors, dahlias work beautifully as focal flowers.


A budget-friendly option from any Elgin flower shop, marigolds come in autumnal hues like burgundy, orange, yellow, and bronze.


The plumed cockscomb blooms of celosia add great texture. Go for warm shades like red, orange, and gold.

Creating Fabulous Arrangements

Picking the right flowers is just the start. You'll also want to think about vessels, placement, and arrangement styles. Here are some tips to help your Thanksgiving flower delivery shine:

1. Mix flowers in warm fall hues like burgundy, rust, orange, gold, and yellow. A blend of shades looks more natural than a single color.

2. Thanksgiving centerpiece flowers should be approximately 1.5 to 2 times the height of your table. Keep arrangements low enough for guests to easily see and talk over.

3. Incorporate fall foliage like oak leaves, maple leaves, pinecones, gourds, and mini pumpkins for added texture and visual interest.

4. Arrangement styles like a loose, relaxed look or a casual bouquet placed in a rustic basket or vase complement Thanksgiving's cozy style.

5. For dining tables, allow for 20-24 inches between arrangements so guests can see and converse with each other comfortably.

6. Place small arrangements down the center of the table, alternating with candles for a gorgeous tablescape.

7. Flowers for Thanksgiving table centerpieces can include lanterns, candles, gourds, and other embellishments for a seasonal look.

8. For buffets and drink stations, a long horizontal design is ideal so you don't block surfaces where people will be setting down plates and glasses.

Ordering Flowers for Thanksgiving

Once you've decided on your flower varieties, vessel, and arrangement placement, it's time to send Thanksgiving flowers. When choosing a florist, here are some tips to ensure your blooms look amazing on the big day:

1.Work with a trusted, experienced florist like Geneva Florist who can help bring your vision to life.

2. Order 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving to give your florist time to source the best flowers.

3. Ask about add-ons like floral foam, extra greenery, and delivery so everything arrives in perfect condition.

4. Provide details on vessel sizes, table measurements, and other specs so your designs are tailored and proportional.

5. Refrigerate bouquets and centerpieces upon arrival to maximize freshness. Recut stems and change water daily.

6. Order a couple extra Thanksgiving flowers so you can refresh arrangements as needed throughout your celebration.

With a gorgeous assortment of arrangements from TNC gardens, your Thanksgiving decor will come together beautifully. Just don't forget the cranberries! The best flowers for Thanksgiving can take your holiday table from basic to breathtaking. Follow these flower tips and you'll have a festive foundation for an amazing Thanksgiving meal with family and friends.


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