How to Make your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

Keeping your flower bouquet looking fresh isn't always easy, but there are plenty of simple tips and tricks you can use to make your flowers last longer. Let’s help you to make your flower bouquet remain vibrant and healthy for up to a week longer.

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A bouquet of fresh flowers is guaranteed to brighten your day and bring a splash of color to your environment. Whether you decide to give them as a present, opt to treat yourself. Flowers can last for approximately a week before going wrong, but they can stay vibrant for 7 to 12 days with careful care. Hence, it is important to look after all the steps when you are looking for the fastest flower delivery st charles il.

Let’s help you to make your flower bouquet remain vibrant and healthy for up to a week longer.

1. Cut the flower stems underwater

Trim the flower stems by two inches before submerging them in water. Garden shears are the best tool for making precise cuts. However, standard scissors will also work. The amount should be made at a 45-degree angle to allow more water to enter the stem. The flower stems should be clipped underwater to prevent this issue. Some flowers, like roses, have the propensity to develop air bubbles lodged in their stems, obstructing water flow.

2. Select a clean vase that fits the type of flowers you use

Lighter, more delicate cut flowers work well in taller vases. To give heavy blooms room to spread out, they should be clipped short and placed in a low vase. To prevent bacteria from contaminating your water, cleanse your vase first.

3. Verify the water's temperature is appropriate

While bulb flowers thrive in cold water, regular flowers do best at room temperature.

4. Sort poisonous blooms into separate containers

Hyacinths and daffodils that have recently been cut contain poisonous compounds that can harm other plants with the same water source. Before combining these flowers with different varieties, please keep them in a separate container for a day.

5. Trim any leaves that are below the waterline

In order to prevent rot and the growth of germs, it's essential to inspect your flowers and remove any saturated leaves regularly.

6. Actively take care of your flowers

Clean your vase each day, then refill it with fresh water. Every two to three days, give your flower stems a new trim. Before taking care of your favorite blooms, make sure to get the fresh flowers only. Our bartlett il florist promise you to deliver fresh and vibrant flowers with amazing collections.

7. Keep freshly cut flowers away from severe conditions

Your fresh flowers shouldn't be placed in the sun, next to hot appliances (tulips are especially susceptible to heat), or near air currents from fans, air conditioning, or open windows. Additionally, avoid placing fresh fruit near cut flowers because it releases ethylene gas traces that have been shown to hasten the wilting process of flowers.

8. Use a flower food packet to care for your flowers

All of the essential preservatives that help cut flowers last longer are offered by florists and grocery stores in prepackaged combinations. The balanced combination of sugar in these flower food packets provides the blooms with energy, while the acidifiers and biocide control the pH of the water.

9. Prepare homemade flower food

Please make your own flower food packets using one of several techniques rather than purchasing them. The most common formula calls for three parts water, one part non-diet clear soda (for sugar), and a few drops of bleach to kill bacteria. Fill your vase with these ingredients. Another typical recipe for flower food involves adding half a tablespoon of bleach, two tablespoons of sugar, and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a quart of water.

10. Add a few drops of vodka to slow down wilting

Giving your cut flowers a little alcohol can slow down the aging process. This is so that flowers don't fade from the ethylene gas that vodka's alcohol prevents blooms from making.


Cool, shaded surroundings are best for your flowers. To prevent your flowers from drying out, keep your bouquet away from windows, vents, and appliances that emit draughts, heat, and light. Your flowers can live longer by spending the night in the refrigerator. It would help if you were careful not to set your vase too close to any fruit since, as the fruit ripens, ethylene gas is released, which could harm your flowers. So, if you need clarification about where to buy flower bouquets, then our flower shops in Elgin il could be a great choice. Get it from here Town & Country Gardens Bartlett.


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